Aluminum Hextech Pedals for GW / Begode Msuper Pro, X, V3, RS19, Nikola, EX, EX N, Monster, Monster Pro Veteran Sherman
With a hole from snow and mud
Stand on native racks (installation instructions included)

Material: aviation aluminum D16T.

The cost of a silver one set of pedals is 18,500

There are wider – 13cm, and narrow 12cm
Pedal length 25cm.

There is also a LONG version + 1500 rubles. Length 27 cm, width 13 cm – check with the manager for availability.

Announced (black) + 2000 r
Multi-colored space, khaki, on request

To select a color and version for your wheel, please leave a request on the website, the manager will contact


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Aluminum Hextech Pedals для GW...