Installation instructions:

1. Carefully and smoothly pry the plastic card over the factory cushion.

2. Knead the leather pillows on all sides with your hands. The leather is new and will stretch over time.

2. Degrease the surface.

3. Before gluing the Velcro tape, apply primer to the entire surface where the Velcro will be applied. We wait 5-10 minutes until it dries completely until the surface becomes matte. You can also quickly dry the primer with a hairdryer for about 2-3 minutes. You can use 3m primer or its equivalent.

4. We glue the Velcro to the body of the unicycle – we retreat the distance so that we can get close to the bolts to disassemble the unicycle.

Note: do not cut the Velcro to fit the shape of the pillow, this will not provide a tight fit and the ability to move the stops according to the location. There must be an indentation


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